Perfect Battle – Train Your Keyboard Skills!

30 06 2008

FreewareAddict Rating: 7/10 Good.

General Overview: This games looks good in screenshots and videos, and true, the gameplay shines – brightly. But one thing I wish to add is that the controls are really disastrous. It’s just not intuitive. Graphics-wise it’s not “there” either. But after turning the graphical effects up several notches, I realised that hey this game ain’t that bad actually! The simple physics behind this game sort of arouses me. But too bad the  controls are anything but good. This game can be challenging – at the controls, otherwise, look for something else.


  • Controls: Non-standard WASD keys for movement. No mouse support. You’ll have to press ‘W’ to move forward and ‘A’ and ‘D’ to turn the vehicle. Tedious work, honestly. This section can do with some work.
  • Multlplayer capability: Yes, over LAN or Internet, but obviously there were no servers for me to join. You might be too lucky to find one. But then again, this is the main draw of the entire game.
  • Maps: A whole range of maps, but unfortunately the graphics engine makes the maps all look all too similar. You know it’s like, LieroX – in a better 3D environment.
  • Weapons: Machine Guns, Rocket laucher, Flamethrower etc. Cool weapons and effects, but sadly the controls sucks the fun out of it.
  • Buildings: Turrets with upgrades for defence and power, Magnetic towers that reflects anything, main base etc. The best in my opinion is the “gem-spewing” mountain. It has a great visual effect to it. Nice job.
  • Sounds: Great music for old-techno-loving-folks. But seriously it made me shiver at the introduction page with that amazingly old-style tune. Whole game has techno-style music.
  • Learning curve: Guys, frankly it’s a mountain out there for you to master it. The controls are too un-intuitive and awkward and you need to accustom yourself to the very unfamiliar objects – unfamiliar in a sense you have never used similar object funtions in other games before. However, there’s absolutely no learning to do when it comes to playing – provided that you already know the controls by heart.


Closing comments:
A hard-to-play game, but kudos to the game developers who took their time to maintain and produce this game. No one will ever want to play the campaign because there’s no incentive to – at all. The story is just as unreal as Pamela Anderson’s boobs. But hey if the graphics and sound were to be changed, you know, there’s still some potential. But unfortunately at the moment it is just another average run-of-the-mill “opensource-feel” game. It looks like a game for Pentium II and below. Why not play KONG?

Supports : All Windows Versions

The version we’ve tested is the latest (1.0b).
Offical game site: (39.0mb)


Rockets Incoming!

A Flamethrowing Vehicle





3 responses

3 07 2008
Staffan Ekvall

Thank you,

Ok first of all, all controls are configurable. Maybe the initial setting isn’t the default WASD, but you are free to modify the controls. When using WASD together with the mouse (which the game indeed supports), I personally think the controls are quite ok.

As far as multiplayer goes, you probably have to set up your own server since there are no public ones available. The game was originally designed to play up to four players on one computer (with a static map, no “scrolling”).

I agree on most of your comments. We didn’t have an artist so the result was… well you saw it yourself. Anyway, in my opinon there aren’t many good action games to play heads up on a single computer like in the old days. I think this game does a pretty good job filling part of that gap. It’s not fun to play alone, but together with a friend, possible with a computer player on each team, the game is really fun.

Thanks for your comments,


12 07 2008
Jose Stevens

Do leave a message if a new version comes out.
Thank you

28 02 2010
Marcus Lindmark

The latest version of PBO was released in december 2008. It can currently be downloaded from:


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